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It has been an interesting month. We have completed the Annual Report which will be emailed this Friday. The fishing takes time and it has been good. We have had a committee meeting and were pleased to have Tina Porou, Chairperson of Ngati Turangitukua Environment Committee, speak with us. We are pleased with the efforts being made to implement recommendations from the Report following meetings to hear anglers views on the Management of the Fishery and have considered the questionnaire emailed to license holders. We have considered the paperless society against the value of paper copy and “snail mail”



The quality and size of fish are back to good times. Anglers are expressing delight with the fish they are catching.

May 2013 Taupō Sports Fishery Review – ‘Exploring future opportunities for the Taupō Fishery’.

This is on our website

D. Information and Tools to Assist Managing, Maintaining, Enhancing the Sports Fish Resource Page 9.

1. Work with other organisations – power companies, district and regional councils, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, academic institutions, Crown Research Institutes, and Fish and Game – to develop a shared science and research strategy for Lake Taupō

2. Consider the establishment of a collaborative structure to deliver the science and research priorities for Lake Taupō

3. Establish clear processes to ensure that science and monitoring information is used effectively to:

     a. Take a more active role in ‘intervening’ in the Fishery;

     b. Monitor the effectiveness of those interventions; and communicating                with anglers

4. Amend the current Taupō Fishery Regulations to enable the use of Angler Notices as the key mechanism for regulating angler impacts on the Fishery

With a tight time line Season License holders were surveyed to determine the changes wanted in Taupo Regulations. Given that the method of getting a license is now done on line, anglers received the questionnaire by email.

I have copied the questionnaire into this blog as when I tried to return to the questionnaire I was not able to.

The Survey questions were:

DOC is proposing to reduce the legal minimum length of trout able to be caught from 400mm to 350mm. They are also wanting to increase the daily bag limit from 3 trout to 6.
The reasons for these proposed changes is to: Increase harvest pressure on trout, and in doing so relieve some pressure on smelt production. Results of monitoring undertaken by DOC fishery indicates high levels of predation pressure from trout on the smelt population. This will reduce predation on smelt which in return will accelerate recovery of smelt populations resulting in improved trout size and condition. May result in re-establishing an early run, as the size and condition of the fish has a strong influence on the timing of fish return. DOC’s monitoring shows that harvest of trout has declined by 50% since 2000, as a result of declining angler numbers and increasing use of catch and release in the fishery. Make fish available for harvest which currently must be released. A proportion of these released fish do end up dying. Can be further amended in the future based on subsequent monitoring. Responds to a recommendation in the 2013 Taupō Sports Fishery Review – ‘Exploring future opportunities for the Taupō Fishery’.

1. Reduction of fish size and increase daily bag limit
Proposed amendments to Taupō Fishery Angling Notices 2017

1. How do you feel about reducing the minimum trout length from 400mm to       350mm?*

           Strongly Disagree

           Neither Disagree or


           Strongly Agree

2. How do you feel about increasing the daily bag limit from 3 trout      to 6?*
           Strongly Disagree

           Neither Disagree or


           Strongly Agree

 3. Briefly state your reasons for your responses to questions 1 and        2:

DOC is proposing to reduce the minimum distance that spin fishing can occur at river mouths from 300m to 200m.

This change is proposed for the following reasons: It will align with Eastern Fish and Game practice – saves re-education. It will make compliance easier as it uses current DIA markers which are in place around the lake. Additional markers will be added to important and more dynamic river mouths (such as the Tongariro River) to assist compliance. Allows greater opportunity for lake anglers, without overly impacting on stream mouth fly fishing opportunity. Responds to a recommendation in the 2013 Taupō Sports Fishery Review about consistency with Fish and Game practices.

2. Stream Mouth Fishing Restrictions
           Proposed amendments to Taupō Fishery Angling Notices 2017

4. How do you feel about reducing the Lake Taupō stream mouth spin / boat fishing setback from 300m to 200m?

             Strongly Disagree

             Neither Disagree or


             Strongly Agree

5. Briefly state your reasons for your response to question 4
    It is proposed that the definition of fly fishing is amended to provide clarity     around the use of new techniques (i.e. Czech and Euro Nymphing) in the         fishery.

The definition is being worked on currently however it is anticipated that there is clarity on what is acceptable fly fishing technique within the fishery and will: Respond to concerns raised about the status of Nymphing in the fishery. Facilitate compliance by adding certainty to what legally constitutes fly fishing and what does

3. Fly Fishing Definition
Proposed amendments to Taupō Fishery Angling Notices 2017
not. Ensure appropriate fishing practices take place within the fishery. Grow participation, as it removes a perceived barrier to those who nymph fish.

6. How do you feel about amending the definition of fly fishing?*

                 Strongly Disagree

                 Neither Disagree or


                 Strongly Agree

7. Briefly state your reasons for your response to question 6

DOC is proposing to add two new licence classes as follows:

A Family season licence being two parents (grandparents) and up to                   four children (grandchildren), and A Senior season licence (65 years                   plus). It is anticipated that these new licence classes will encourage a                   wider group of anglers to get involved, and make families fishing as a                 group a more cost-effective experience. This change will also create                     better alignment with Fish and Game licence classes and practices and               responds to the recommendations of the fishery review.

The definition of ‘Child’ (as it relates to child licences) is also proposed to be changed so that it refers to anyone under the age of 18. Currently it refers to those 16 years or younger and at school. The current definition has been problematic to apply both when licences are being sold and from a compliance perspective. The new definition will provide clarity for licence sales, reduces loopholes that have led to abuse of the licence category, and will make compliance easier.

4. Fishing Licences
Proposed amendments to Taupō Fishery Angling Notices 2017

8. What do you think about the proposed new family licence class?
          Strongly Disagree

          Neither Disagree or


          Strongly Agree

9. What do you think about the proposed new senior licence class?
          Strongly Disagree

          Neither Disagree or


          Strongly Agree

10. What do you think about the proposed change to the definition of ‘Child’?
         Strongly Disagree

         Neither Disagree or


         Strongly Agree

11. Briefly state your reasons for your response to questions 8, 9 and 10

5. A bit about you
Proposed amendments to Taupō Fishery Angling Notices 2017

12. What is your gender?*

13. What is your age?*
16 to 24
25 to 34
35 to 44
45 to 54
55 to 64
65 or older

14. What are your preferred methods of trout fishing?*
Fly Fishing
Spin Fishing

15. Have you held a Taupō fishing licence in the last 12 months?

16. If you would like to go in the draw for a free 2017 / 2018 season pass, please enter your email address below.

The committee considered the questionnaire and agreed to most of the recommendations.

Agreed to:

  • reduce size limit,
  • increase bag limit,
  • definition of Fly Fishing as Fishing with a Fly Rod with a Fly Reel with a Fly line attached and a Leader/tippet of up to 6 meters. 
  • Introduce  a Family License
  • Introduce a seniors license
  • Define a child as to 18

Opposed reducing the Delta limit from 300 to 200 meters.

Committee meeting and discussion with Ngati Turangitukua

It has always been an aim to effectively engage with Iwi and stakeholders. We had an informative session with Tina Porou who outlined the plans and work that Ngati Turangitukua have for the Tongariro River. We look forward to positively working with Ngati Turangitukua as we share much in common.  

Paper vs The Paperless society

The NZ postal service is expensive compared with email. Our use of mail has resulted in a pleasing return of subscriptions and donations. Many find that they receive so many emails in the course of the day that it is easy to lose track of an email such as a subscription and put it to one side to consider later, often forgetting or not being able to find the email. A paper copy of the same is easier to keep as a “must do that” document. We thank you for your prompt payment.

Annual Report, AGM and Committee.

I will email the Annual Report this Friday.

The AGM is set for Saturday 27th May again in the schoolroom at the National Trout Centre.

I request that you consider offering yourself to serve on the committee. We have agreed to hold 4 committee meetings in a year, the 4th meeting to follow the AGM. Any important matters between committee meetings can be dealt with through email.

Our statement of purpose can be found on our website Library Annual Reports 2014 Appendix 4 Page 24.

Eric Wilson