Advocate 24/1

Some years ago I took on the task of writing the Advocate’s blogs. For any organisation, communication with members, potential members and interested parties is a key factor in the success of the group. As writer I was given free reign to write on the matters I saw as interesting- the length of, and frequency […]

Advocate 23/7

Website and Video We have placed the video of the Helicopter flight on the front page of our website. We will shortly add a piece to explain the reason for the video. Fishing report I asked anglers their opinion of the year’s fishing experience and they were all very happy with the results this year, […]

Advocate 23/6 #135

Constitution Progress The Committee has approved the updated Constitution. I have attached the Constitution for members to read. It is a rebuild of the Rules of the Society as published in the 2004 Annual Report Page 69. We now need members to vote on approval of the new Constitution and then, if approved, we send […]

Advocate 23/5 #134

Administratively we have been busy with the WRC Work Plan for the protection of Turangi from Tongariro River flooding and with updating the Constitution of our Incorporated Society to enable us to re-register as quickly as possible. Fishing the Tongariro. A History of Our Greatest Trout River.    Grant Henderson. Grant was in touch in […]