Advocate 22/9

Introduction The paper tells me that a long, hot, dry summer awaits us. 2022 has seen an interesting change in the weather. The start of the year saw a prolonged dry spell and saw the lake level drop. When the rain did come it lingered and then there was a succession of floods. The winter […]

Advocate 22/8

  A wet autumn. Climate change or a different weather sequence, it has been a different autumn to what is expected. As a local the -5C frost was out of character though we have had frost in December, a light dusting of snow on Christmas Day, 1974 and the need to light the fire on […]

Advocate 22/7

Floods As I start my third attempt for this blog the river has come down from its peak of 615 cm/3 and now is at 290cm/3. 615 cm/3 is a 1 in 5 year flood and is the largest we have had for some time (possibly 5 years). We should all be indebted to the […]

Advocate 22/5

Passing of Jock McNab                                                         It is with sadness that I  record Jock’s death on 4 July 2022, peacefully, at Taupo Hospital. I wrote about Jock in Advocate […]