Advocate 4/15


From the Annual Meeting we were pleased to appoint Gary Brown as President. Gary has fished the Tongariro for more than 50 years and has a strong attachment to the river and the fishery it has. Gary is resident in New Plymouth. He has been our liaison with  Simon Stewart, our PhD food chain researcher.

I have become aware that not every body received notice of the Annual Meeting, The Annual Report and the Subscription form. I have had all our Annual Reports placed on the Home Page for a couple of months. The Annual meeting has been and gone and I apologise if you did not receive notice of the meeting.


Thank you all who have paid 2015 subscriptions. I have attached a copy of the subs form that was sent out earlier for those who mislaid the email.


We have had our first flood of the year. It was welcomed as it is a means of cleaning the river but I argue that a bigger flood than 400 cumecs is required. A flood of this size is significant but a long way short of the 2 larger floods since 1950 which were close to 1500 cumecs. That is not wanted but a flood of 1000 cumecs would be welcomed. Floods clear the slippery build up on the stones and rocks, break up vegetation getting established in the river while introducing new vegetation to the river bed, dislodge young pest plants such as willow pines and broom among other species before they can get properly established.

Following a couple of wet days we have had very strong wind.


Most anglers are reporting good fishing and remarking on the quality of the fish caught.

I watched an angler fish the Hydro Pool very successfully. From the cliff face on the true right (I hesitate to mention this as it is not a safe viewing area) there is a wonderful view of the Pool and the new shape of the pool which has a flow from the right bank at the top of the pool, a gentle sweep to the left bank before it settles into a broad river again past the ripple area that divides the pool.

The Island Pool has been a successful pool. The Island has been cleared of vegetation to cope with flood waters.

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Taupo Fishing Advisory Committee (TFAC) and new season Fishing Licenses

We are 2 months away from the new licensing system. Only 24 hour and week licenses will be available from tackle shops. At this stage all other licenses will be purchased on line. It would pay to check the Department of Conservation (DOC) site familiarise yourself to find the page and how to purchase your new license. I put into Google

DOC Fishing license

Check that the web address of the site you enter is the Department of Conservation website

Open on the page that comes up as BUY a Fishing License On Line

Then fill in the required fields. For practice enter your details and stop before you get to the section on payment.

As a Turangi resident I am frustrated by the field that asks for my City Region State. But I put in Waikato and that is accepted.

When I bought licenses for my Grandchildren I had to buy each individually and therefore make 4 payments when I would have preferred to make 1 payment. Maybe this has been sorted out now.

Print the license and sign it.

If you have a smart phone photograph the license as the probability is that you will have your phone with you. Photograph your Grandchildren’s licenses as well and I would suggest those that you go fishing with so that you have an acceptable copy of your license with you.

If you have purchased the license with your smartphone then you have a copy of the license on your phone but without a signature. Another problem to be sorted out but I understand that the license will be accepted without the license at this time.

It will be a classic case of being hardest to do when you do it the first time.

If you have any concerns about the fishery then please let me or Richard Kemp our representative on the committee know of your concern so that we can represent your issue with the committee. Kim Turia The Department of Conservation Fishery Manager is present with others of her staff at the meetings.

I can be contacted at [email protected] and any messages received re the Fishery will be passed to Richard Kemp.

The Tongariro River Trail (TRT)

I ride around the TRT a couple of times a week. My bike does not have gears so I do a bit of walking. The TRT is in pretty good shape though the strong wind of the last couple of days may have put a few branches on the trail but these are easily cleared

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I am told that there should be additional signs on the TRT. I am too close to the trail to appreciate another person’s difficulty in navigating the trail. This is the only place (just North of the Red Hut Bridge on the true right at the base of the old steps to the trail above the Duchess Pool) I can see where a clearer sign is needed. I think the symbols on the sign are self explanatory.

Breaking News

There has been much talk around town about the Ngati Tuwharetoa Treaty settlement. The Turangi Chronicle/Taupo Weekender report in todays paper revealed that the prison land is to be bought by Iwi and land required for a much smaller prison will be leased back by the Prison. The news item is on our home page.

Eric Wilson