Advocate 6/2014

All Quiet on the Tongariro River

Given the absence of other matters on which to report I am left to comment on the fishing.

The weather is again a key factor in the fishing. We had frosts of -5 Monday to Wednesday and then a warm (by comparison) 4 this morning. Towards evening and as I write we are experiencing good heavy rain. I chose to fish this evening and while good fishing weather I did get quite wet. I should have had my rain jacket instead of a wind breaker. Despite all of that I finally caught a a small well conditioned fish heading upstream to spawn. The fish was about 2.5lbs. While there have been few anglers about there has been little evidence of successful anglers. But I repeat that there are fish in the river,

Those who have caught fish are not reporting fish the size and condition of fish caught in the first couple of months of this year.

I caught a small fish last night and in releasing it convinced myself of the benefits of barbless hooks. I will simply close the barb with pliers and make it easier and kinder when releasing fish.

A reminder that it is our annual meeting on Saturday. The venue is the Bridge Lodge. A cuppa and a chat at 9.30 with the meeting proper at 10.00am.We look forward to meeting you.

Eric Wilson