Advocate 5/2014

I have little to report from this week.

A reminder of our Annual meeting on Saturday 31 May at the Bridge Lodge.

The fishing has been hard. A few fish have been caught but they are few and far between. It’s not surprising that there are few anglers around.

Lake Taupo lake level remains low. The Lake at the time of writing is 356.12. The 1.4m operating level is between 357.25m and 355.85m. The Delta mouth is restricted to 1 mouth and the rip is strong. Only a full length deep sinking line has a chance of getting down to where the fish are. Most anglers find it frustrating. It will be interesting to observe how much of  the sediment blocking the mouth has been cleared through this increased flow.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow. Maybe more than showers. Last week I wrote that we had had only a couple of light frosts. We then got a couple of -5 frosts and another couple around -3. Perhaps we will get a good rainfall.

WRC have finished their riprap work.

The river flow at the Bridge pool remains shifted away from the right bank.

The next flood will change that. A flood will be well received to clean the river bottom which is very slipper

Peter Marshall has done clearance work around planting between the Judges Pool and the Breakfast Pool.