Thursday Update 12/6


Annual meeting is at the Bridge Lodge, Easter Saturday, 10.00am. All welcome.

Member get member prize will be drawn at the annual meeting.

Fishing Report

This is a new sign on the river. I would have thought we all knew this but apparently not.

I walked a reasonable distance along the river over the last two days.  I saw big fish in the area of the Reed and Jones Pool. The fact that they were in shallow water next to logs in the water causes me to think that they were Brown trout. They were certainly good sized fish. Upsteam I walked the left bank from the Red Hut to the Duchess. The Duchess Pool

Had a number of trout. The shallow water of the sand bank shown here had trout at the tail of the bank and on the side of the bank. Good anglers will figure out how to catch them. Not easy. The fish are very spooky. Fish are in the river. There are a few more anglers about but I didn’t see any successful anglers in my mid day walks. The fresh on Monday may well have brought more fish into the river.

Pools. Waddell’s to Kowhai Flat

From the Poutu the river flows through Waddell’s Pool probably more easily fished from the Left bank. The water is faster this year but looks likey nymp water as the flow is reasonably quick and the water shallow with a good stony bottom.

There are a couple of pools between Waddell’s without names. This photo is where the By Pass joins the main river and turns sharp left because of the cliff face. Be careful here as the sandy bottom is treacherous.

From the Red Hut swing bridge looking South there are few anglers but the point at which the water spills into the Red Hut holds fish.

The Red Hut downstream of the bridge is very popular as is the Shag Hut Pool before the river reaches the right turn into the Shag Pool.

Acess along the right bank from the Shag Pool downstream is very difficult. The excellent track enables easy access to the area of the Duchess which is possible but difficult from the right bank but there are tracks down the steep face north of the Duchess Pool.

Downstream of the Duchess Pool is Kowhai Flat which has good looking fishing water. The large Kahikatea trees set back from the bank are reputedy more than 1000 years old and are regarded by Maori as the seed trees of Kahikatea in the catchment.

The poor summer has been good for plants

Planting by the Advocates has benefitted from the wet summer resulting in strong growth as shown here of the 2008 planting

and in this photo of the 2010 planting. In this area there is spectacular regeneration on native seedlings.

Building a Blue Green Future

National’s environment report released this week

Sections 5, 6,7 and 12 are of particular interest to us.

DoC Fishery media Release.

If I can I will attach the media release to the email advising this Update.


Eric Wilson