Thursday Update 12/4

River Work.

Mechanical clearance of willows on the left bank was completed this afternoon. The last task of the digger was to open a small additional channel into the Hirangi Arm.

Spraying of willow regrowth, Blackberry, Broom and other woody vegetation continues.

When the Willow was felled there was rapid regrowth. The idea is to let the plant show good leaf growth so that when sprayed the poison is most effective as a result of better take up of the poison. The sign of poisoned willow is everywhere,

The left bank of the Reed Pool was the last area cleared  by Waikato Regional Council of Willow on the Left bank. The area from Delatours Pool downstream to within 1-2 km of The Delta was cleared by Ngati Turangitukua and the only reason they did not go further was that the land was waterlogged preventing machinery being used.

The objective of this exercise has been to increase the flood flow. By not restricting flood flow in the lower reaches the river has a better chance of  carrying the sediment to the Lake. There is the possibility ofthe Delta barrier being cleared.

Pine seedlings

The large pine trees have been felled. But on the river banks there is regrowth of Pinus Radiata, When they are less than 25cms high they are easily pulled out. At this height they are nearly impossible to pull. A small saw is then necessary.

If all river users adopted a policy of pulling out the pine seedlings when we see them we or some other organisation would not have to embark on a poisoning programme in the future


A story is circulating that Waikato Regional Council is preparing to cut a channel at the end of Smallman’s Reach through to the Downs Pool and eliminate the bend at De Latours Pool.

I have checked and am assured that this is not so.

Last weeks flood did have water running over the land that has been cleared which is what is intended to keep the force of the river moving downstream and take the sediment to the lake. It will reduce flooding of the Delta land.


We had another downpour of 20mm last night resulting in a small fresh of 36 cumecs.

Water Safety

  • A wading belt and a wading stick are necessities for angler safety when fishing this river.

Annual Meeting

  • Set for Easter Saturday at the Bridge Lodge, Turangi, 10.00am. All welcome
  • The 2011 Annual report will be posted by Monday 5th March 2012.

Eric Wilson