Thursday Update #17

Fishing Report

I have fished only once since last Thursday. Irish brothers Mathew and Paul Campbell fished with me on Friday. We hooked fish but didn’t land any.  The Rugby World Cup  has seen a number of anglers tempting their arm on the Tongariro, some successfully, some not. I had occasion to meet a member of the London Fly Fishing Club who had mixed success over a couple of days but he was pleased with the experience.

The river is low and clear. Rain is needed to bring on another run of fish.

Tongariro at Turangi – River-flow Months data

Reports I have received are positive, Spawning fish are easily seen in many areas of the river. The lower third of the Reed Pool is turned over by spawning fish. Good fishing. Better fish han last year.

Riverside Activity

The burning of the willow piles has begun and will continue for a few days to come.

Heavy machinery is being used. Therefore the hazards in the area are fire, smoke, machinery. Care is needed.


Water Quality Issue

The Auditor General released her report on Water Quality this week and there has been comment in the media regarding her report. The report is available at  and is well worth a read. As Advocates For The Tongariro River we support the principle of no reduction in Tongariro river water quality. I, as writer of this update, am pleased that the report has been made and available to the public..

Advocates Newsletter

Newsletter #16 will be posted to members tomorrow. Our key platform has been to have an Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMP). In this newsletter our president, Stuart Crosbie, answers the question of  what we mean by an ICMP. Key issues are also discussed.

All previous newsletters are on our website under Archives as are our Annual Reports.

Eric Wilson

Secretary Treasurer