Advocate 23/6 #135

Constitution Progress

The Committee has approved the updated Constitution. I have attached the Constitution for members to read. It is a rebuild of the Rules of the Society as published in the 2004 Annual Report Page 69. We now need members to vote on approval of the new Constitution and then, if approved, we send it to the Charities Commission.

Today I received from the Charities Commission General Manager, Charlotte Stanley, requirements in our Constitution to be registered as a Charity and I’m satisfied that our new Constitution meets requirements.

The proposed Constitution is attached.

We have a Special Meeting prior to our Committee meeting on Saturday 11th November 9.30am at 117 Taupahi Road, Turangi, to accept the new Constitution of Advocates For The Tongariro River Society Inc, A positive vote  will then enable us to re register as a Charity and continue the advantages of a Registered Charity. The key  being exempted tax from donations and grants and subscriptions being tax exempt.

The Special Meeting will simply record 2023 financial members present. As well,  online voting from 2023 financial members will count from those who return a completed form that accompanies this blog.

The Flood of 419 m3/sec on Saturday 23 September

A normal flow of 23 m3/sec inceased to 419 m3/sec. That is 18 times the normal flow so is a significant flood. The 1958  flood at 1470 m3/sec was, using the current flow rate, close to 64 times greater than normal. In the last blog I published  a photo of log build up against the State Highway 1 (SH1) bridge. I checked again yesterday and photographed the new scene. Logs in the river are a cause of flooding. Whose responsibility is it to remove the flood hazard? It is certainly a concern to NZTA Waka Kotahi for they don’t want damage to the bridge for the disruption to traffic flows as has been the case recently with traffic detours from Turangi to Taupo around the Western Access road due to yet another truck accident at Bulli Point. This has caused road closure more than 3 times for this incident. It is a concern to the Regional Council who have the responsibility to decrease the chances of flooding within the Turangi township. As said last blog, there are a lot of trees upstream in the river waiting to come down. Dare  I say it but anglers don’t want trees in the river.Turangi residents  don’t want them in the river. The eventual destination is Lake Taupo and that is not wanted either.


WRC Tongariro River Flood Protection Scheme.

Proposed Annual Works Programme 2023/2024.

The Annual Work Plan is on our website -Library Key Documents.

“The Tongariro River hosts a range of indigenous fish species and is a nationally significant trout fishery and the timing of the work within the river bed is generally limited to the months outside of May to October. This ensures work falls outside of the main trout and indigenous fish spawning season.”

Trout Caviar

Gary's Cviar

I am not a great fan of Caviar. I first tasted tinned Caviar in the early 1960’s. Our President, Gary Brown enjoys making and eating trout caviar using the recipe found on Google Salmon Caviar recipes and Gary’s favourite is Homemade Salmon Caviar recipe. Now in his 80’s he considers all the Caviar he has missed out on.

My wife tried it and liked it. She liked the sensation of popping the bubbles/eggs.

Gary uses the recipe found on line using this URL.








Natural and Built Environment Bill passed the third reading aligning with the Spatial Planning Bill became Acts 23 August 2023.

The Acts which replace the Resource Management Act  will take 10 years to fully implement though much of the RMA is contained. 

Fishing Year

Pul Brennan with a great fish.

It has been a great fishing year with excellent fish caught and plenty of them. A good fish is determined by size and colour. After a while “a fish is a fish is a fish” to copy Gertrude Stein’s Rose quote. Most fishing photos show the pleasure of an angler who has caught a fish and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact it is what fishing is about. Pleasure. This photo appealed to me as it is so different but has the same pleasure message.

Eric Wilson