Advocate 19/7

The Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fishery) Amendment Bill Environment Select Committee Final Report was released on 31/7/2019.

I had earmarked and advised the 12/8/2019 as that was published on the web page. In fact the Environment Committee report was released earlier. Support Documents were released on the 7/8/2019.

All documents are very thorough. Collectively there is much to read and consider. To access click on

Progress to the Bill History, on that line, click on Reports, essential and the other documents on the same Menu line are in Submissions and Advice.

I am simply bringing the Bill to your attention tonight. In the Advice and Submissions the following 6 reports are found:

The advice papers online as of the 7/8/2019 Addendum to the Department Report lists the change recommendations. The DOC report is long, thorough and worth reading.

Eric Wilson