Thursday Update 12/30

Tongariro River Trail (TRT) is open.

On Saturday 20th October the TRT was opened. It was low key, fine but very cold, short and fun.

Know the difference

My apology. I have referred to DOC incorrectly in the past.

Department of Conservation is DOC

Department of Corrections is DoC

Fishing Report

We are now experiencing great fishing in the river. There are a lot of fish in the river. Fish are fresh run with a few spent fish in the bag. There are few anglers and those that are fishing are having a great time. The average size of fish is getting closer to 3lbs (1.36kg). But this is an average and at the top end  7lb (3.175 kg)  fish are again being caught. Most anglers are happy with their catch at this time

It would therefore be logical to say that our concerns have been unfounded. However, we wouldn’t want a repeat of the last 5 years to occur again in another year or two. We are keen to know what is happening in the food chain.

River Works

I fished today for the first time in a month and could hear heavy machinery at work downstream from the Jones Pool. I went to investigate. The 247 cms flood of a fortnight ago was the catalyst for great fishing. The flood almost cut through the neck to eliminate Delatours Pool. There is work being carried out to keep the river in its established bed.

I am informed that logs in the stretch from Smallman’s bend to Delatours have been removed. This evening I checked out the good news but while some logs have been removed there are still more that need to come out.

Eric Wilson