Thursday 12/19

Fishing Report

Little action through last weekend. Monday afternoon the rain started and it was heavy rain.We had 54.2mm of rain through to today Thursday 21 June. This brought about a small flood of 58cms (up from a normal 22cms)

The last 7 days river flow provided by Genesis Energy.

The river cleared quickly. There has been a significant increase in angler activity. There are a few fish being caught as a result. I finally caught a fish this evening, the first for a while. It was fresh run, its pale flesh indicated that it hadn’t been feeding on smelt, it was shaped like a torpedo. For the first time in some time I have seen anglers carrying a fish away from the river.

Tongariro River Trail developments

Good progress is being made and a nice track created in the road reserve. No completion date has been set for the opening of the track but it should be within a couple of months time.


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River Works

The heavy rain stopped work for the trucks but the digger continued the process of removing silt which is carried to the edge of the river bed. The aim is to prevent flood waters banking up and putting the town at risk in the case of another flood of the magnitude of 2004. The cost has been the loss of  a section of previously good fishing water.

Eric Wilson