Thursday Update 12/8

Pools of the river Island Pool, Judges Pool to the Lonely Pool.

A canoe trip from Judges Pool to the Delta

Last Friday, 30th March, I canoed from Judges Pool to the Delta. It was my first trip in this canoe and I didn’t chance taking my camera for fear of tipping out. The river is flowing faster from the Judges Pool to the Reed pool than was the case a year ago. I was particularly interested to view the vegetation in the river. The area from Smallman’s bend to Delatours pool is particularly bad and I have passed this information to Waikato Regional Council. From Smallman’s bend to the Delta the bed is covered with silt and sand. There are very small pockets of shingle bed.  On the private land which was cleared of willows there is little evidence of willow re growth. Where Turangitukua finished willow control by felling willows due to an inability to use heavy machinery on waterlogged soils they poisoned the willows. The evidence is that this has been very successful. In the last kilometer there is a substantial build up of sand that allmost made travel by canoe difficult. The river needs help here. Genesis staff tell me that there is still a vast quantity of volcanic ash to wash down the river.

The Hirangi Arm is now deep and fast and makes crossing it treacherous. It is probably taking 50% of the water from the Bridge Pool to the Reed pool and the impact on the river pools  such as the Bain and the Log through less water is noticeable.

Annual Meeting

This meeting is Easter Saturday, 10.00am at the Bridge Lodge. We look forward to meeting many of you on Saturday.

Fishing Report

There are a number of fish in the river. I have had success on most trips to the river. The fishing hasn’t been easy but the fish have been good size and quality. There are more anglers about than last week but they are still a small number and there is no pressure on the pools that I have fished. It has been a dry week and while windy on occasions it has not been as windy as forcaste. The 7 day graph shows the reducing flow of water for the week.

Eric Wilson