Thursday Update 12/2

Last Thursday I checked out the Blue, Sand, Whitikau and Fence Pools on a very hot summer’s day. The river here has undergone minor changes but each is different to what it was last year. The pool that interested me most was the Whitikau pool which looks easy to fish and should hold fish for those wanting to go up the Whitikau stream.

 The Whitikau Pool

In the upper centre of this photo is the Whitikau stream. It is difficult to see where the stream enters the river. There is a height difference between the level of the Tongariro and the Whitikau where they meet and with the low volume of water from the Whitikau it looks as if fish will have a more difficult task to get into the Whitikau – but they will. It will certainly be an interesting spot to watch the passage of fish into the Whitikau. Access to the side of the pool is easy and I predict it will be a competitive spot for anglers. Until the 2004 flood it was a very popular pool.

The next and last pool for legal access is the Fence pool. I note that the sign that conveyed that information was no longer visible.

The Fence Pool

Some anglers have always enjoyed fishing this pool and it looks little changed from previous years. The art of fishing this pool is to get your fly against the far bank without getting caught in the over hanging vegetation. The amount of nylon glistening in the sun shows that it is not the easiest pool to fish. Again it easy access to the bank of the pool.

The Sand Pool

Anglers have always needed some skill to fish this pool. The fish like to lie in front of the ripple water running into the pool but are easily disturbed and move in against the deeper far bank.

The setting is lovely.

The Blue Pool

The Blue pool has always looked attractive for angling. It has big boulders on the bottom which offer good protection for trout and danger for wading anglers.

This solitary angler was the only one I saw in the upper river. Bright sun, no wind made for hard fishing, but the beautiful surroundings made for an otherwise pleasant experience.

The Cicadas are there in their thousands.

The main track above is in excellent condition as are the secondary tracks in the next photo.

I have commented only on the main pools but in between pools there is some lovely looking fishing water.

Along the river bank are rat and stoat traps. They do a valuable task in control of these pests.

Between the main pools is likely,and interesting, water as in the case of the Reef pool between the Blue and the Sand.

The Braids :

Now that the Braids have effectively disappeared there should be a greater spread of anglers over the fishable river.


Work onthe lower river

I stated that the Braids have disappeared. So has the Plank Pool. In the meantime willow clearance on the right bank is nearing completion of the programmed work. This photo shows the digger at the mouth of the Hirangi Stream as of yesterday

and there is only the section the length of the Reed pool left in order to complete this part of the work. Willows previously felled from the Swirl to the Reed have been burnt and the regrowth sprayed. Some question whether spraying will be sufficient to stop future regrowth. Ngati Turangitukua, downstream of  De Latours Pool used Vigilant gel on the stumps which has been very effective in preventing regrowth on cut stems.

Fishing report

I fished the river for the first time this year year. I fished the Bain, the Reed and the tail end of the Jones Pools without a touch though I saw fish rise. I saw a number of fish in the by pass between the Bain and the Log and probably a brown in the shallows at the very top of the Reed. The French couple in the Jones caught nothing and they were the only other anglers I saw but it was between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. By marks on the ground there has been quite alot of foot traffic which I think will probably be for early mornning or late evening fishing.

Member get member and subs

I posted a ‘member get member’ form with entry for a prize, courtesy of the Cottonstore, Wellington, of a deckchair for those who provide new members. Thank you to those who have enlisted new members and have paid their subs for 2012. A subs form was supposed to be sent with the form but was omitted in error. The subs form will be sent with the Annual Report in the first week of March. The subs form is on our website. Membership and details for Internet Banking or postal address is there as well.

Upgrading to new Technology.

My children are encouraging me to learn to use the technologies of Facebook and You tube. I will put Facebook on our website as soon as I am able.

Eric Wilson