Tongariro River News

Gravel Extraction

The issue of gravel extraction has been resolved. The decision of the commissioners is that the application to extract gravel be granted. There are conditions but these do not include an Integrated Catchment Management Plan. The full decision will be placed in Archives on this website over the weekend.

The Fishery

Hopefully todays rain and the resulting flood will finally bring runs of fish imto the river. The fishing in the river has been the hardest that I have known in over 30 years of fishing the river. The signs were good in December and January through the quality of fish being caught in the lake. The fish were full of smelt. I find it difficult to believe that the fish have not come into the river and I have heard that some anglers have caught fish. I haven’t. I have seen only a couple of fish caught this season. I haven’t had the incentive to fish much this season. I can only hope that the runs we expect are soon to happen and maybe todays rain is the stimulus.

Lake Level

Did I miss the release of the Taupo Fishery Management Plan? We saw an early draft and wrote a submission in response which was published in the 2010 Annual Report. The plan was to be released for public comment. I did not receive any notification of the release of the plan.

The Lake level and its impact on the Tongariro Delta has been a concern to us. Others around the lake have experienced erosion due to high lake levels. From a meeting in Omori over Easter an organisation called Friends of Lake Taupo is to be formed. The group that is seeking to form the Friends of Lake Taupo will present their concerns to a meeting of the Taupo District Council.

We have been invited by Taupo District Council to present to the Councilors on the 31st of May at 1pm in the Council Chambers.

The presentation will focus on how TDC should properly implement the Flood and Erosion Study to protect the Lake and foreshore.

We will encourage the TDC to review the consents and discourage Waikato Regional Council’s approach which is to accept erosion as natural and fix the problems after the reserves are destroyed.

We need your support at the meeting if you can attend. You can also watch the council meeting via web cam at

The council register meeting and web cam attendance they will measure the level of support for this issue by noting the level of interest shown in the meeting.

The River Environment

There are great views to be had from the track where the pine plantations has been felled. People have enjoyed the views since Easter when the track was opened, The track is again closed this week while further pines adjacent to the felled plantation are felled. The track will be re stablished and open to the public.

Stop All Aquatic Hitchhikers

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF)  Biosecurity have widened the alert for water borne pests to prevent more than Didymo being transported to our rivers. There is a concern but the essetial pecaution is that anglers CHECK CLEAN DRY to stop the spread of problem pests.

Heather Macdonald

We welcome Heather Macdonald back on the committee. The committee has been increased as per the agenda for the Annual Meeting as printed in the Annual Report.

Hopefully I can say Tight Lines.

Eric Wilson