Advocate 21/1

The weather has turned wet and  cool (14O) as I write. A week ago there was a definite overnight cooling and the daylight hours were definitely reducing. Daylight hours for February will reduce by close to 60 minutes and the Autumn equinox occurs on the 20th and 21st March. In the 1970’s and earlier we associated Easter with the time to fish the river. That is no longer the case and the fishing season is year round for quality big whatever method you fish though numbers caught are different to mid to late winter.

Some changes

I will resurect our Facebook page and return it to our website The DoC fishery Facebook page is excellent and I will link it to our Facebook page. I will also add the Biosecurity site. They are both key sources of information relevant to our interests. I will still give my fishing report each blog and key biosecurity information. 

Fishing Experience

Through to the end of January fiehing has been very good. I have fished both river and lake and had good luck. But my latest ventures onto the lake have been dismal, few fish to catch and mainly slabs. It was a pleasure to take my grandsons fishing and have them hook, play and land a good fish each. They love the opportunity to fish and to have success.













My wife and I took our friend Sue from Toronto fishing and she caught an excellent fish and 4 others. It was middle of the day and hot  on both occasions, 
















Some matters arising from our last committee meeting

The committee met 30 January. We are concerned at the loss of 3 key staff from the Taupo office of Waikato Regional Council in a short period of time. We have been assured that the positions will be filled in the next 2 months. The concern is the loss of institutional knowledge.

Access – issues regarding Access continue to arise and we are investigating the complex issues involved

Carl Bergstrom gave us a written report on the Trout Farming matter but there has been no further action from Parliament at this time.

We are busy at this time compiling the Annual Report.

There is a TFAC (Taupo Fishing Advisory Committee) meeting this week and we have considered matters that should be raised. These include:

Canada Geese now amongst the Black Swans in the shallow waters beside the channel leading to the lake from the Tokaanu boat ramp,

that we ask DoC to cut a track from the Bain car park to the Braids to enable access without climbing over the fence into Tongariro Lodge. We believe the No Entry sign  from Herekiekie Street onto the stop bank should not be there. 

Some Jet skis are travelling up the river at high speeds.

Generally we are happy with the fishery at this time.


We have financial costs and in order to operate we need both members and subscriptions. Our financial year is a calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. Our subs are not changed for 2021. $25 for a one person sub, $30 per family living at the same address and a club subscription of $60 for a club or group. For us, postage is a significant cost and the more we become paperless the better. Change is forced upon us. Cheques are gone. Internet banking is the only means we have. Correspondence is by email. It is amazing how fast the technological revolution has ocurred. I thought in retirement I would be a Luddite and resist cghange but realised that if I didn’t keep up with technological change I would be left well behind.

Use the following link to complete the subscription form online .

Note, we no longer have a PO Box. Mail can be sent to Secretary  117 Taupahi Road, Turangi, 3334.

Eric Wilson