Advocate 20/1

“Anticipation is a prime ingredient of the pleasure of fishing,” J.R.Priestly wote in his 1991 book, Fly Fishing, Memories of Angling days.

There has been good fishing both in the river and on the lake for some time now. My comments are from observation rather than personal success. Our President Gary Brown sent me this comment and photo from fishing the Delta Christmas Eve. ‘Spencer, Marie & I had a ball-plus we put 3-4 back Gary.”

Mike Forret visited late January and fished two days in the river. Initially I did not accompany him. He returned for lunch and had caught 2 nice fish. I found that despite the muscular pain I was experiencing the anticipation was too great and we went down river. I caught a very nice 4lb hen with its tiny egg sac and beautiful orange colour. Mike caught his third for the day. Next morning, anticipation wasn’t great for me so Mike went on his own and again caught three fish, one he returned to the river, two, his wife offered to passers by and the third made it home. It was an equally great fish. Both days were very hot and my fishing the first day was between 2 and 4pm.

My desire was to take it easy and go to the Delta but first I had to get a wof for the boat trailer and I started that process late November. The number of garages in Turangi now able to give a wof has dwindled from 5 to 2. I found the check rigorous and work needed which took time. On return the work was praised but because I had placed uprights at the side end to overcome the problem of my lights being too far forward I failed a second time. The addition of the uprights to hold the lights at the back of the boat increased the width of the trailer from under 2 meters to 2.15 meters which meant additional lights facing forward had to be installed. That done I could legally take the boat to the lake and fish the lake and the Delta. I had some success. Returning to the wof saga, I learned that even 2 year old trailors were failing wof’s and for the first time I checked the Trailor specifications for a wof. They are extensive. They are changing rapidly.

A visit to the Doctor, an accurate diagnois and good treatment, the aches and pains have disappeared and I am anticipating a great year ahead.

Attached is the annual subscription form. Subscriptions are unchanged. But change is with us. Our bank, Kiwibank sent a letter late last year advising that from 28th February 2020 “this is the last day you can deposit a cheque into your Kiwibank account…Note: Other banks may still accept deposits of Kiwibank cheques for a few weeks after this date.”

In Norway last year we stayed in hotels in which cash was not accepted, only bank cards could be used and it was the case through other parts of Scandanavia. Russia was the opposite. Cash was king.

We are always grateful for the donations made by members. IRD sent a letter re changes to make it easier for supporters to claim a tax credit after you donate. “There is no need for donors to complete a paper form this year because you can now claim donation tax credits online ina myIRD account, Inland Revenues secure online service. You’ll receive your refund much sooner. Your receipts can be electronic receipts, or photos or scans of paper receipts. (We have prepared our electronic receipt to comply.). Your receipts can be uploaded anytime during the year. You can find more information on

Our responsibilty in writing the receipt is to include the donor’s name, the amount donated, the date donated, a clear statement that it was a donation, our name and IRD number, our letterhead, signature of the Treasurer, our charity number. I hope that we have covered all of that.

The electronic technical revolution is hitting hard now as the paperless society approaches. My heart goes out to those who have not participated in joining the new world of the computer internet and cell phones. I made the decision to get rid of the landline and learned how to use a cell phone. That decision has plusses and minuses but I see that as the future and I need to participate while I am still able. I can only hope that we do not have a repeat of the last Census fiasco.

You can help us keep our database accurate. Please advise us of any change to your contact details.

The Annual Report membership list is of those who have paid their subscriptions in 2019. It is easy to forget and we know that is the case in some of those who are not recorded as members. You are still members but we can only record for the year those who have subs paid in the year. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the list. Last year we left off an important member of the Advocates and were distressed by our mistake for which we apologise.

On March 2 I will attend briefing from WRC re the commencement of the Tongariro Flood Protection work. This years work was held up by the storm in mid October that closed the road between Turangi and Taupo because of trees across the road at Tauranga Taupo. That storm did considerable damage to the flood protection scheme on that river and now nearing completion work can commence on the Tongariro River. Given the limited time available I am not sure how much work that was formerly planned can now be achieved.

The Annual Report should be with you (electroniclly) by March 27. Details of the Annual meeting are still to be finalised.

A special thanks to Mike Forret for enabling me to write this email when the programme refused me the right to do so.

May your year be successful.

Eric Wilson