Advocate 13/15

Is there another battle with trout farming ahead of us?

From time to time the issue of Trout Farming arises.

I remember the issue being raised in the 1960’s creating a political storm resulting in the Hon Duncan McIntyre losing his parliamentary seat.

The issue arose again probably 20 years ago. I attended a public meeting in Taupo chaired by then Mayor, Joan Williamson opposed to Trout Farming.

Many believe that it is on the agenda again which for me raises the question; why should I oppose Trout Farming?

Ken Sims of the Federation of New Zealand Freshwater Anglers has given me permission to attach a paper he prepared in 2010 as a Background to NZFFA policy on the commercialisation of recreational sport fishing, which is as relevant today as when it was written. I see this paper as the answer to the question I posed to myself.


Eric Wilson