Advocate 10/15

I finally bought my annual Taupo Fishing License today.

You may have noticed that you can purchase your license on line from the left hand column of our (Advocates) home page. Just click HERE and the pages open easily. I did have a problem with entering my email address for communication with DOC which I could do with my Advocates address but not with my personal address. Now that I have a smart phone the email acknowledging my license is on my phone and is my license. The only issue for me is to ensure that I carry my phone at all times.

I think it an improvement which can only get better. It’s certainly easy to do and is an excellent start.

Fishing Report

Anglers have been  happy with their fishing experience. In the Auckland Fishing clubs newsletter is an article stating a significant improvement in the Tongariro River experience. I went for a walk with the grandchildren around noon and saw two fish caught. As I was preparing to go fishing this afternoon a friend called in to show his catch. Two nice fish taken up river where he said a lot of fish were caught.

Waikato Regional Council River Works.

The report of works to be done this year is on the from page of our website. I hope that you have an opportunity to read the report in full. If you have any concerns I would be pleased to know them so that I can represent your view.

The Tongariro River Trail (TRT)

The TRT has been well used this holiday period. I am heartened by the number of vehicles around town with a family set of bikes on the back of  the vehicle. The number of people on the trail be it walkers or bikers has been significant at any time though the school holiday period has been much higher.  It has been a successful venture.

Treaty Settlement

I am advised that this matter is confidential. Local papers the Taupo Times and the Turangi Chronicle Taupo Weekend have reported detail of the content. At this stage I have simply found the link through The Justice Department, Office of Treaty Settlements site and left you to read and consider. I or Richard Kemp would be pleased to receive your views on the Agreement in Principle, the link was in my last blog. I thank those who read the AIP and did respond. Your committee has a written position on the AIP which I am not prepared to release through this blog. I am prepared to release our position to paid up members of AFTR if you ask for it.


A reminder that a subscription form for those who are still to pay subs is on our Home page. As always we appreciate and thank those who have paid. You will have received an email receipt. At this time or strength is in the size of our membership. We have a committed committee. Committee minutes are now posted on our web page under the Library menu. Each segment of the minutes has a background paper. I have posted minutes without background papers and have not included minutes of unconfirmed minutes. Our next meeting will be August 26th.


President                                    Gary       Brown

Vice President                            Warren    Butterworth

Immediate Past President    Stuart      Crosbie

Secretary                                       Eric          Wilson

Treasurer                                    John        Toogood

Virginia  Church

Sam         Coxhead

Richard    Kemp

Sam          Stevenson

Neville     Young


Eric Wilson