Advocate 7/15

I have a very brief report consisting of weather and fishing.

The weather for the past 7 days has been varied. A beautiful day today and last Saturday. The frosts have started with -4 this morning and lesser frosts earlier in the week. It is already -3 as I write this report. The Kaimanawa tops and mountains are covered in snow, Most days have seen some strong winds (some would say gales). Today was an exception in that there was little wind.

That leaves the fish. Maui in the supermarket this morning was in raptures about the fishing. Good fish and plenty of them he told me. This had been verified a day or two earlier. A friend arrived on Monday and fished from Tuesday to Sunday and had caught 17 fish. The 2 photos here tell the story with both fish in excess of 6lbs.

The ongariro anglers are in the main within the town boundary, On Saturday afternoon at 3.30 pm I walked up to the Stag Pool on the true right and saw 1 angler in the Breakfast pool, no one in the Major Jones and one in the Hydro and he was the last I saw. It was cold, drizzling and windy. But there were fish.

Eric Wilson