Advocate 2014/2

I have been busy dealing with subscriptions. I appreciate the support we get from our members in payment of membership subscriptions and in the donations made. Thank you. This is the busy time for collecting subs and it is great to get this task out of the way. As a member it is so easy to forget.


There is no angling pressure on the river. Those that have been fishing have been having success. This morning I went to take a photo downstream of State Highway 1 bridge to show the location of rip rap repair work to commence shortly. I met a happy angler with a Rainbow trout of approx 4lb or 1.8 kg. (4lb sounds better than 1.8kg).

I saw Richard Kemps 8lb rainbow hen taken from the Bridge Pool.

When opened it was a beautiful red fleshed fish.

Those who have been fishing state that the fishing is the best for years with fish better than 3 lb and in excellent condition. I talked with Tim McCarthy, a guide, who said that there are millions of smelt in the lake but that they are deep in the water. I am reliably informed of the success of Julian Proctor who has taken a couple of 11lb browns over 2 days in the week that was. My experience hasn’t been so great. But I have seen a number of fish in the river.

The Delta.

The lake level is very low. The Tongariro enters the lake in one stream of considerable force. There is only one mouth at the moment. It is the best rip that I have seen in a long time. I doubt that even with a rip of that force that much sediment will be removed backed upstream but we shall see.

The fishing has been good at the Delta if you can get in and most are meeting with success.

The weather

We experienced a little rain overnight. We got 6.2mm. In the last 30 days we have gad only 23.4mm.The summer as elsewhere in NZ has been warm and dry. It is still warm. Autumn is a lovely season.

River Work

I understand that there has been some damage to the rip rap on the Right bank between the SH1 bridge and Herekiekie Street. Work will begin shortly and take a week or so to complete. It does mean that the current which is currently again the rip rap will be diverted to the channel on the Left side.

This will be a concern to some I imagine.

The spray programme that I understood to be happening shows little evidence of having been done. The only sign is a small section at the Island Pool.

I am currently a member of the Waikato Regional Council Taupo Liaison Sub committee. This was a 3 year term and nominations for the 5 community representatives are being sought.

Nominations are now being called for the community representative positions on all of the Zone Subcommittees.  Information about process can be found on our website, including an information pack, nomination forms and terms of reference for the Subcommittee – just follow the link to our website:

Nominations close 4pm 30 April 2014.

Eric Wilson