AFTR Update

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Eleventh Annual General Meeting of the Advocates for the Tongariro River Inc. will be held at the Tongariro Bridge Lodge on Saturday 30th March  2013 at  10.30am. All welcome.

The meeting will be followed by Morning Tea.


The business of the Annual General Meeting will be to:

  • record those present and note apologies
  • receive the minutes of the Tenth Annual General Meeting
  • receive the President’s report
  • approve the financial statements
  • approve the strategic plan for the 2013/14 year
  • consider motions of which due notice has been provided (the full rules of the of the Advocates for the Tongariro River Inc. are printed in the 2004 Annual Report and are also available on the Advocates website
  • appoint an executive committee comprising a President, vice president, a secretary, a treasurer (or a secretary/treasurer) and committee members
  • consider any other matters

Change at Department of Conservation

The Advocates For The Tongariro River have developed a good working relationship with the Department of Conservation. We share the concern expressed by groups such as Forest and Bird, and the Environmental Defence Society (EDS). The following media release is from the EDS.

Media Release: EDS expresses deep concern at Department of Conservation job losses

The Environmental Defence Society has expressed its deep concern at today’s announcement that there are to be around 140 job losses, mostly in operations, at the Department of Conservation. 11 Conservancies are to be restructured into 6 regions.

“This is the latest in a string of restructurings and job losses at DOC,” said Chairman of the Environmental Defence Society, Gary Taylor.

“It is also the most recent manifestation of a series of recent Government policy announcements that will harm our environment. New proposals to amend the RMA will weaken the legislation and lower environmental standards on private land, whilst this announcement will impact adversely on the one-third of our country administered by the Department.

“The Department of Conservation has been chronically underfunded by government. In the last six or seven years, the Department’s budget in real terms has decreased or at best, remained static, whilst the cost of maintaining New Zealand’s natural environment has gone up.

“Of course operational efficiencies are important, and it is clear that DOC needs to find creative ways of addressing New Zealand’s very significant conservation challenges. But being in a permanent state of change is incredibly debilitating and demoralizing for staff. Not only that, when you lose good people you lose valuable institutional knowledge.

“It really is time for DOC to enter a settled phase. The one-third of New Zealand it administers is the best part in ecological and landscape terms. Our unique natural heritage is of vital importance – it not only supports our primary industries and provides recreational opportunities but also is part of our national identity.

“With the budget so tight, the Department is being forced to go cap in hand to the business sector to try to obtain funding to undertake its legislative duties. There would be outrage if the health budget was treated in this way.

“DOC needs more support from the government, not less. We need to ensure that the Department retains the staff and resources to protect our natural heritage for future generations of New Zealanders,” Mr Taylor concluded.

The Fishery.

It is quiet on the river. There are fresh run fish in the river. There have been few anglers around. Easter was the recognised start of the fishing season. The drought has the river running at low levels and the river has not had a fresh for a long time. The consequence is that the river bottom is slippery.

Lake fishing has produced some good fish. Good in size, shape and lesh colour. This augurs well for river fishing.

Friends of Lake Taupo.

This group advises

A reminder that the AGM for Friends of Lake Taupo will be held in the Kuratau Community Hall, Omori Rd, Kuratau, at 6.00 pm on the 31st of March 2013, Easter Sunday.

Eric Wilson