Thursday Update 12/27

Fishing Report.

1. There are few anglers about during the week. In the last week we have had a small flood and cold weather. The Desert Road has been closed overnight, Monday and Tuesday but today was a great day.  A -5 frost followed by a beautiful sunny day. There is a new moon in the morning sky but the morning was free of wind. This afternoon was very windy causing the few anglers some problems. From the SH1 bridge south at 3.00pm today the first anglers I found were 3 at the Hydro Pool. There was 1 in the Red Hut car park, 3 in the Duchess pool, 2 in the Stag and that was all I saw.

2. Most had fish and the fish were good. A couple of 4 pounders among them. We had been warned that the angling season is getting later. It is hard for me to believe that we are in the middle of the season. Most anglers are still finding days when the fishing is hard.

3. I’m back into catching fish which keeps me in good spirits.

Early in the year we made a submission on the Fishery Management Plan which had not been changed for some time. I am unsue when that document will be put before us again.

The Management of the Taupo Fishery itself is to be reviewed and the  terms of Reference for that review have been established.

The Tongariro River Trail.

I rode the trail this afternoon on my bike and a most enjoyable exercise it was. My bike has only one gear so I do a little walking though I am sure a younger stronger person would manage the ride. It was good to see DoC back on the job after dealing with the worst of the Tongariro eruption. DoC have completed their digger work. The last bridge is being constructed. Mike Saunders has completed the remaining work on the Northern Board walk. The pumice layer from the Northern Board walk to the DoC service entry has one more days work to complete. Another week and that section will have metal and be completed. That leaves the section from the service entrance to the National Trout Centre car park to have the bridge finished, pumice and metal laid.

We then have signage to put in place and we will be ready for the scheduled opening on the Saturday of Labour weekend

Eric Wilson