Advocate 22/3

Anglers want rain In the last 3 months the Genesis website shows Turangi  recorded as having only 199.6 mm of rain (roughly 8 inches) which is a very dry spell. The rain has fallen in 4 events of uneven size. The river-flow graph shows the largest flow of 130 m3/sec  back in February with 1 […]

Advocate 22/2

Weather We have had a dry first 3 months with less than 120mm. The dry was broken with 106 mm in the last 7 days. The river has risen slightly but is dirty. Fishing I fish less these days and am grateful to receive copy to include in the Blog. Carl Bergstrom gave me the […]

Advocate 22/1

Despite the pandemic we had a good fishing experience (when able to fish) in 2021 and look forward to a continuation of good fishing this year.  Signs look good.  We have had a month long dry spell and I am mindful that we often have a flood at this time of the year. The 2 […]

Advocate 21/9

  The COP 26 conference (the United Nations climate change conference, 26th conference of parties thus COP26) highlighted ways we woud see climate change. Significant floods and significant droughts feature and both could impact on this area. The Tongariro River Catchment”s last significant flood was 2004. After the floods of 1988 and 2004 it took […]